Company’s Board

Mr Sibongile Besani - Chairman

I wish to extend a word of gratitude to our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lucky Motsamai and the LDA officials. My board colleagues and I have inherited a healthy and vibrant institution on whose foundation our mandate includes to promote the economic development in the district to create jobs and wealth. To succeed in its mandate, the LDA has to nature its relationships with its shareholders and both the internal and external stakeholders.

LDA has developed and managed processes to enhance the partnerships with key stakeholders to foster support for our strategic objectives, outcomes and impacts. Stakeholders are an integral part of performance of the mandate of the Board and were identified in terms of the extent to which they exert influence over the communities in which they operate.

A diagnostic on the state of affairs at LDA was done and a strategic document was developed in line with the National Treasury planning and budgeting guidelines. The guidelines were enhanced by engaging different stakeholders. Our key projects include: ZR Mahabane, Poultry Manufacture, Artisans and Skills Development, Revitalization of Matjhabeng Industrial Park. I, on behalf of the Board, wish to thank the LDA officials for the capable manner in which they have steered the organization in the right direction during this evolutionary and transformative period.

Mr. Lucky Motsamai - Chief Executive Officer

Lejwe Le Putswa Development Agency forms part of the core and heart of economic development for Lejweleputswa District Municipality. The Agency has gone through various phases since its inception in 2005 and it has now entered a phase of implementation of identified projects. To achieve its strategic objectives, LDA had to undergo structural and operational changes of which the process is ongoing.

The Agency is headed by the Chief Executive Officer supported by the Board of Directors. The Agency has the following departments: Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology and Project Development.

The key cost driver of the Agency is effective and efficient for project implementation resulting in job creating and alleviating poverty.

All the relevant planned programmes are managed professionally with strict observance of corporate governance as reflected in the Kings Report.
The Agency has in the past years been at the forefront of championing the implementation of a Solar Plant, Film studio and an ICT hub. The persistent efforts and strides in this respect have not gone unnoticed by the relevant stakeholders. The Agency is capable of out beating the limited resources available to it in terms of proven performance.

"The Leading Municipal District Development Agency"